Icicle Shards 


The piece is repeated 4 times:

First time: vowel "ahh"

Second time: Fa sol la

Third time: Lyrics

Fourth time: Lyrics (even stronger)


Below you will see 4 tracks: Tenor (your part) with and without click and Tutti (all parts together) with and without click. All tracks have have 1 measure of count in with the click (1, 2, 3, 4)

Start by familiarizing yourself with the Tenor part with the click for timing (Track 1). Once you feel comfortable, try singin g with the part without click (Track 2).

The final step will be to sing your part with the Tutti track (Tracks 3 & 4).

I have also included a couple short sections on repeat to help with the difficult note jumping in sections B and into section D.

The first clip (track 5) begins on the second measure of B and repeats right before section C

The second clip (track 6) begins two measures before D and repeats after the end.


I've sourced a couple warm-ups you can use. Like dance, it's important to warm up your vocal chords before singing! 

This one is good for scales and range:

This person is hilarious and fun!:


The piece is repeated 3 times:

1. Vowel "ahh"

2. Fa sol la

3. Lyrics

4. Lyrics


Download score here: